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Tennis and Back Pain - Spine-health

How Tennis Causes Back Pain Front- and back-hand shots require a large amount of trunk rotation and twisting in the spine when playing tennis The tennis serve hyper-extends the lower back and can compress lumbar discs. This hyperextension of the lower back can... Back muscles must support continual ...

Injury Lower Back Pain - International Tennis Federation | ITF

LOWER BACK PAIN LOWER BACK PAIN Description Low back pain is very common among tennis players. Low back pain may have various causes, such as postural abnormalities, muscle dysfunction (imbalances, shortening or weakening of muscle), overuse, instability, and articular dysfunction in the lower back. In tennis, the combined rotation,

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Tennis and Back Pain - Radiology of Indiana

Prevention goes a long way in avoiding any kind of injury, and following these tips can decrease your chances of back injury when hitting the tennis court: Get fitted by a professional for a racket appropriate for you. A more flexible racket requires more trunk rotation than... Consider using a ...

Prevent a Tennis Back Injury Before It Happens - Atlanta ...

Common Back Problems from Playing Tennis. A common complaint from avid tennis players is lower back pain. Serving the ball requires the individual to rotate the hips and upper body, flex backwards and forwards, and extend with the serving arm all the way through the legs. Overheads do much the same thing.

5 Common Tennis Injuries and 4 Ways to Prevent Them - Michael ...

Common Tennis Injuries 1. Tennis Elbow. Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbow, refers to the inflammation of the tendons... 2. Rotator Cuff Tears. The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles and tendons that come together to provide stability... 3. Stress Fractures in the Back. ...

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Lower Back Pain in Tennis Players | Long Island Tennis Magazine

Due to the constant back rotations and necessary twists, tennis puts a lot of stress on the back. Furthermore, every time players hit a serve or overhead, they are hyperextending their lower back. Thus, the spinal column of a tennis player is constantly suffering. As an injury prevention coach, here are a few tips to prevent lower back pain: